About Us

About us

Khanguard GSD is a kennel whose goal is to breed healthy purebred German Shepherds where every dog is treated respectfully and with care. Everything we do can be summed up in three words: passion, love, and commitment. German Shepherds are a wonderful breed and the best dogs come only from kennels that demonstrate a serious breeding program, requiring dedication to the best lineage for health and disposition. Our dogs are highly acclaimed and win top honors in international competitions. Puppies from KhanGuard Kennels will possess genetics from some of the most influential German Shepherds in international breeding. At our kennel, we also place high importance on exercise, diet, comfortable and stable living quarters, and socialization resulting in a strong, confident, and friendly companion.

The Owner’s Background

During my early life, my family bred championship horses and I was an award-winning jockey. In my exposure to the intense world of horse breeding and racing, I developed an understanding of the qualities necessary for raising high-level animals. Successful breeding can only be accomplished through dedication, care, attention to detail, and love for the animal. It also requires a high level of discipline, precision, and passion.

During my many years working with GSD, I see firsthand how intelligent, devoted, and compatible German Shepherds are with their human partners. At home, I know how loving and devoted they are as great family pets. German Shepherds have always been a part of my life, and I take great pride and joy in breeding them for others to enjoy.

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