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Born: January /12/ 2019.
Sire: SG4 Freddi von Modithor
Dam: VA1 Wikky von Farhantal
Dinna is a large female weighing in at 80 pounds. HD/ED: SV (a1) Normal. DM Clear.
To read more about Dinna ‘’link’’.

VP1 Dinna Team von den Hohenberg

We are pleased that you are interested in our German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Maryland. Khanguard is a breeder working to achieve top quality German Shepherds. In order to achieve healthy and intelligent puppies, we carefully choose the parents for our litters. The parents of our litters are renowned and health tested dogs—with Hips and Elbows certified as either Excellent or Good and Normal for the elbows from either the SV in Germany or the OFA in the U.S.

Both parents and puppies are housed in custom designed facilities on our premises. They receive excellent care with regular veterinarian oversight.

Our German Shepherd puppies are raised with constant human love, attention, and socialization. They possess great character and temperament. Further, they are easily trainable and make great family members for play, companionship, and protection. Since it is very important for us to place our puppies with loving families we encourage you to contact us for any concerns or advice.

Puppies from our Kennel come with a AKC American Kennel Club registration, and vaccination records. Our dogs are hip and elbow certified in Germany SV Club.

***We are currently accepting deposits for this awesome litter.***

Born: 04/23/2019.
HD normal, ED normal SV Germany certification IGP2, KKL, V
Sire: 2X VA (BSZS + B) 2019 Asap Vom Aldamar AD, IGP3
Dam: V Lady du Val D’Anzin IPO3

Phantom Du Val D’Anzin

This is going to be an incredible litter and we will sell these awesome puppies. These will be large beautiful German Shepherds with good bone and excellent conformation, movement and temperaments. Look for Dinna on "females" page to learn more

Our puppies are ready for pick-up when they are eight weeks old. Since we cannot predict the number of puppies in a litter until birth, we only accept four pre-birth deposits for each litter.

Please Contact us for pricing at

Seven Great Reasons for Choosing German Shepherd Puppies from Khanguard GSD breeder

  • Parents of our litters are renowned and health tested dogs
  • Our German Shepherd Puppies for sale Maryland are raised with constant human love, attention and socialization
  • Puppies have a great predisposition for good character and temperament
  • Our puppies can be great family members for play, companionship or can be used for protection
  • AKC American Kennel Club registration
  • German Shepherd Puppies for sale Maryland came with vaccination records
  • Parents with hip and elbow certified in Germany SV Club.


German Shepherd puppies for sale in Maryland | USA

Are you looking for German Shepherd puppies for sale, and do you reside in the USA? We've got you covered, so don't worry!

In the US, German Shepherd dogs are among the most well-liked family pets and working dogs (and the rest of the world alike). They are courageous, devoted, wise dogs who stick by their owners.

Due to their exceptional intelligence and physical prowess, these puppies are frequently employed as police and service dogs. They are a breed of dog that is impossible not to like due to their working prowess and lovely dispositions.

People may spend hours researching the breed while looking to purchase a new puppy. But finding Maryland German Shepherd breeders, or any other state's, is less fun, and many would-be GSD owners don't consider it a crucial chore.

Finding trustworthy breeders is still crucial to getting the ideal German Shepherd that will be sound and well-mannered. Due to this, we have compiled a list of the best German Shepherd breeders in Maryland for you to consider.

Many of these breeders and kennels would gladly assist you in transporting your new puppy anywhere in the US, even if you don't reside in Maryland, especially if they think you'd make an excellent new owner for their litter.

4 Best German Shepherd Breeders
We have produced a list of the best four kennels in Maryland to assist you in finding the ideal German Shepherd breeder for sale(according to testimonials and reviews).

We've also included representatives from the German Shepherd Association and the German Shepherd Dog Club of America to make everything more accurate (GSDCA).

Here are the details:

1.    German shepherds from Dakonic
German Shepherds are thought to be all-purpose dogs, according to Anderson-based Dakonic German Shepherds. They produce dogs that make wonderful companions, watchdogs, and working animals. All of their breeding lines have lovely family companions and athletic abilities.

Their first dog was Dakota, a trained GSD with diabetes alertness who took first place in the Pro section of the Super Vertical Splash Dog National Championships in 2012 and 2013.
Most of their puppies are descended from Czech and West German families. They make some of the most adaptable dogs you can find while attempting to conserve the breed.

German Shepherds should be able to recognize different situations and respond appropriately, according to Dakonic GSDs, who believe that dogs of all shapes, sizes, and settings should be trustworthy around people.
Because of this, their canines have strong work ethics and a tremendous desire to please. They are obedient dogs ready to carry out any request their owner makes.

2.    Team von den Hohenberg, Dinna, VP1
We appreciate your interest in our Maryland German Shepherd Puppies For Sale. Breeder Khanguard strives to produce German Shepherds of the highest caliber. We carefully choose the parents for our litter to have healthy and witty puppies.

The parents of our litters are well-known and have undergone health examinations; their hips and elbows have been recognized by the SV in Germany or the OFA in the United States as either Excellent or Good with Normal elbows.
German Shepherd puppies grow up loved, cared for, and socialized by people. They have excellent temperaments and character. Additionally, they are simple to train and make outstanding family members for play, companionship, and security.

Our puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and have immunization records. The SV Club has verified our dogs' hips and elbows in Germany.

3.    Phantom of the Val D'Azin
We're planning to sell these fantastic puppies from this great litter. These German Shepherds will be huge, attractive, and well-boned, with superb conformation, mobility, and temperaments. Look for Dinna on the "females" tab to find out more.

At eight weeks old, our German shepherd puppies are prepared for pickup. We only accept four pre-birth deposits for each litter since we cannot determine the exact number of puppies in waste before they are born.

4.    German Shepherd Nadelhaus
It is a breeder of GSDs from Corning, California. Tracy Needles founded it approximately thirty years ago. The breeder's mission is to provide dogs resulting from special breeding programs prioritizing the GSD's working prowess.

They produce purebred dogs that adhere to all AKC criteria because all their canines have German Shepherd ancestry (AKC). They also breed dogs for Schutzhund certifications and confirmation competitions.

It is one of the few German Shepherd breeders in the USA that is a part of the SV of Germany. Since Nadelhaus will only sell to those they deem suitable to be German Shepherd owners, all of their adoption candidates must pass a rigorous screening process.

Before going on sale, all of their puppies are examined by vets, immunized, and trained. Nadelhaus will still offer services after that, though. They will support GSD importation, dog boarding, and training.

Research from the prior can stop this.

German shepherd puppies for sale are an excellent breed for those looking for a loyal and trustworthy companion. Breeders should be sure to provide the best possible care for their dogs, and regular grooming is a must. German Shepherds make excellent guard dogs and can be great family pets.


1.    What is the weight of your German Shepherd dogs?
Our dogs are in excellent show shape, weighing between 60 and 75 pounds for females and 80 to 90 pounds for males.

2.    What distinguishes German Shepherd puppies with German genes from those that are imported?
German Shepherd puppies that are imported come straight from Germany. Purchasing a puppy from Germany gives you a more excellent selection of sires and dams. If, for example, you want to add the blood of a renowned stud dog to your breeding program, an imported puppy is the best option because most elite stud dogs reside in Germany.
While purchasing a German Shepherd puppy born in the US, you can meet the puppy's parents and learn more about their upbringing.

You are still buying a puppy from parents who have the advantage of stringent German breeding laws behind them (most of our breeding dogs are imported directly from Germany).

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