9 Reasons Why German Shepherds are Great Family Dogs

9 Reasons Why German Shepherds are Great Family Dogs

Are German Shepherd Dogs suitable for you? The experts who are familiar with their way around the German Shepherd Dog breed will say that it's all in the details. Maybe the answer is in a couple of more important questions. What do you want from your dog? Where will you take your pet? How many hours (and cash) do you need for your dog? What's your lifestyle? German Shepherd or GSD can be a great pet for families. They are considered to be excellent pets for homes due to their tranquil nature and loving nature. Here are the top reasons you should consider GSD as your dog for your family:

1) German Shepherds are fantastic with kids
You're probably wondering if large dogs are the best option for you if you have children who are small. While their size in comparison to infants and young children has to be taken into consideration, in order they don't do any harm, GSDs are an ideal breed to have in the case of small children. They are a great balance between playfulness and security for younger children. Children need to be loved, secure and entertained, and GSDs are perfect for this. GSD is ideal for the job.

2) German Shepherds are extremely intelligent
It's well-known that the German Shepherd is incredibly clever. They can be taught and accomplish nearly every task you assign them. It is possible that this is the reason the highest proportion of police dogs around the world are German Shepherd. Because of their superior capacity and intelligence German Shepherds are frequently trained to be service dogs that assist people with disabilities. Some German Shepherds have been trained to participate in dog sports events.

3) German Shepherds are fantastic in giving affection
We are incredibly fond of our GSDs and it's great when they show their love for us. Who doesn't love cuddling before bedtime? Or just a gentle nudge on the hand from time to time? I've met GSDs who are fond of physical affection, like kisses on your face, or who would like to lay their head on your lap. They might also playfully climb up on top of your head (my GSD is the biggest lap dog people have ever met! ). It is also possible to find yourself looking at big eyes or being knocked over as a symbol of affection. They're very attracted to snuggles too.

4) German Shepherds are very flexible
One of the main reasons German Shepherds are adored is that they can adapt to any lifestyle and living conditions. Large yards in homes are perfect for German Shepherds, however they are also able to adapt easily to living in apartments so long as they get sufficient exercise. If you're looking to adopt a German Shepherd, you don't need to alter your lifestyle. It will easily adapt to adapt to your needs.

5) German Shepherds are involved
German Shepherds are extremely energetic. They are able to spend all their time outdoors. If you are a fan of jogging or hiking German Shepherds are one of the most enjoyable companions you can get. If you have kids living at home, they are able to be with German Shepherds for as long as they like since they don't get exhausted quickly.

6) German Shepherds respect their owners and are safe for them.
They are also protected by their owner. They are very loving and show a sense of security toward their owner. If they are properly trained they will love and cherish their owners, and will also shield their owners from foreign invaders.

7) German Shepherds are loyal and easy to train
German Shepherds have exceptional intelligence, and can be trained for many motives. German Shepherds are very obedient and therefore easier to train than other breeds of dog. In addition, German Shepherds perform well in the task of training, but training in obedience isn't a difficulty for them either. They'll pay attention and conform to your instructions.

8) They make excellent road travel companions
My GSD went with my family on numerous excursions across the country. He was never in a mood and was very easy to integrate into the schedule of my entire family. The rest stops we took him to were his stops for rest. Our eating times were his eating time. The time we went to bed was his bedtime. The only problem we faced was finding a place to stay for the night that would accept large dogs. It's best to think for the future and make a phone to call once or twice, then you'll be able to sort your accommodation out pretty quickly.

9) German Shepherd are all weather dogs that are all-weather
German Shepherds are covered in double coats that allow them to withstand hot and cold weather. If it's excessively hot, the dogs could dig a hole, and then lay in the cool soil.

Final Thoughts
German Shepherds are powerful and well-equipped for protecting family and property. They are incredibly loyal dogs which make them ideal for protection dogs for your personal use. This breed is smart and quick to learn. At "Khanguard" we have healthy german shepherds, If you want to have one contact us now!

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