Things every good breeder pays attention to

Things every good breeder pays attention to

How can we say it’s a good or bad breeder? And why is that even important?
If you have decided to buy a new german shepherd breeder puppy, then congratulations! We are here with the best options for you.
Deciding to have a new addition to your family can be extremely confusing. Once you’ve decided that a particular breed is right for your family, then finding the best german shepherd breeder is a big deal! With such many dog breeders in Maryland, you can quickly feel overwhelmed.

And how can you even tell if it’s a puppy mill or a reputable breeder? By avoiding such illegal puppy factories and choosing a good, responsible breeder, you have the best chance of taking home a healthy new companion.
The following checklist may help identify good breeders:

1. You can get to know the breeder personally. Responsible breeders want to know who their puppies are going to. Therefore, they will want to call you at least once or twice and meet in person.

2. The breeder should have some questions for you. Good breeders screen potential owners and want to ensure the breed is a good fit for you.

3. You should get to know the mother. As a rule, the mother is on the breeder’s premises. (The father does not always have to be present, as breeders often breed the bitch to males from other breeders to produce beautiful and, above all, healthy puppies)

4. You will be shown the place where the puppies grow up. Breeders should be proud of their facility! They can show you around and explain how they care for their animals. The breeder should not insist on meeting you at another specific location.

5. Different breeds are not offered. Instead, responsible breeders focus on one or a few breeds and take their responsibility for those breeds seriously.

6. You may have to wait for your puppy. Since good breeders only have a few breeding bitches and do not overbreed them, you may have to wait for the next litter.

7. Your puppy’s parents will be screened for breed-related health issues. Many breeds are susceptible to genetic diseases and responsible breeders will not breed from animals with these hereditary diseases. Each breed has different tests that are carried out on the parent animals before breeding to ensure the puppies are as healthy as possible.

8. You will receive complete veterinary records and can contact the veterinarian if necessary. Your pup will have been to the vet a few times before you can take him home and will be handed over with full health records, including the vet’s contact details.

Final Words:
If you are looking for someone who is selling puppies online and have some questions, we’d love to talk with you. We know it’s a big step for you and your family, and we will ensure you’ll buy the best german shepherd. You can call us anytime while searching for your new family member if you have any concerns or questions.

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