Why Are German Shepherds So Popular?

Why Are German Shepherds So Popular?

German Shepherd Dogs regularly get on the AKC's annual list of the top breeds. It's not surprising. Their loyalty, bravery and confidence, their ability to grow and learn, and their willingness to defend their family members is unlike any other breed. Take a look at some of the highlights in the story of our GSD love affair:

In 1899
Max von Stephanitz, a Prussian cavalry officer, who is considered to be the father of the current German Shepherd, finds his ideal pet: Horand von Grafrath. "The whole dog was a living wire" Stephanitz wrote, "with an inexhaustible and unstoppable passion to live." Stephanitz's theories have been the basis for GSD breeders since.

In 1914
In World War I, troops from different nations observed the unending work ethic and flexibility of GSDs serving as K-9s for the military. In the years to come the GSD is the preferred dog for police and military forces across the globe.

In 1921
Strongheart makes his screen debut. A dog that was a police officer turned into an actor, Strongheart became the dog's first to become a true film star. The success of his story opens the doors for a larger movie star Rin Tin Tin. The movies of Rin Tin Tin are popular and bring the breed to the masses around the world.

In 1928
A DOG named Buddy owned by an blind WWI veteran called Morris Frank, becomes the first Seeing Eye Dog. "Buddy gave me the heavenly joy of being free," Frank says.

In 1987
Ch. Altana's Mystique was born. The female GSD is later"the" Guinness World Records "Top Show Dog of All Time," with more than 275 All-Breed Bests for Show and 30 awards for specialty shows.

In 2001
In the wake of the September 11 terror attacks, the entire world watches as GSD search and rescue dogs dig through the toxic rubble looking for human remains and survivors. One of the GSDs that were famous during the aftermath of those terrible events was Apollo which was the NYPD K-9 who was awarded the AKC Humane Fund Award for Canine Excellence (ACE).
Other reasons are:

German Shepherds are a popular breed. German Shepherd is the second most loved dog in the United States, ranking second out of 193 breeds. What is it that makes German Shepherds so well-known? We asked owners and here are their most frequent answers:

German Shepherds are extremely loyal. The bonds they form with their families cannot be separated easily. They are great pets and would love everything close to their human family regardless of what they are doing.

It is difficult to find a dog that is as tender and caring toward its family members as the German Shepherd. Even though they can remain aloof to strangers, they love to be as close to their human family as they can be, hence the name "Velcro Dog".

German Shepherds are naturally intelligent and extremely brave family guardians. They make excellent guard dogs. They alert their family to any activity that occurs within their area and will defend their owners when needed.

In terms of the ability to learn, German Shepherds stand out. They are easy to train and are eager to learn. They are also aggressive, obnoxious and full of character. If you can earn their respect, you'll have a person to train for your future. If you don't do this, you'll see your pastor trying to control the show.

German Shepherds are a very sporty breed that can make great companions. If you're looking for dogs who you can enjoy activities with, you've picked the right one. They are awestruck by running around after a ball and playing on the beach, going for a run, or taking part in dog-related activities.

German Shepherds are a joy to work with. They are great at "helping at home" or herding cattle, serving as a police dog or as an army dog, a service dog tracking, obedience or tracking. They are at their best when they're busy with jobs.

German Shepherds are a breed that loves to have fun. They're loud, goofy and playful. They also have bigger than life personalities. They want attention and take advantage of every opportunity to make life an adventure.

No matter where they go German Shepherds are awe-inspiring wherever they go. You're majestic, gorgeous, elegant, gorgeous and confident. Whatever your race and lineage, everyone is distinctive about them.

Final Thoughts
German Shepherds are powerful and well-equipped for protecting family and property. They are incredibly loyal dogs which make them ideal for protection dogs for your personal use. This breed is smart and quick to learn. At "Khanguard" we have healthy german shepherds, If you want to have one contact us now!

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